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Online Webinar: 3D Cell Culture

In collaboration with the Biotek company, we are introducing an online webinar about 3D Cell Culture.

A central focus for improving drug efficacy has been to increase the biological relevance of assays performed early in the drug discovery process. Yet it remains difficult to simulate an in vivo response to drugs using an in vitro assay. 3D cell culture serves to meet this demand by providing a matrix that encourages cells to reorganize into a structure more indicative of an in vivo environment, thereby allowing normal cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions to develop in an in vitro environment. In this showcase, we will demonstrate case studies of both scaffold- and spheroid-based culturing methods where instrumentation is used to automate 3D cell culture preparation, assay workflows and detection in applications for both oncology and toxicology.

Webinar is here: LINK

In collaboration with the Biotek company, we are introducing an online webinar about 3D Cell Culture.

Studies in cell biology over the last decade have shown that adherent cells aggregated in three dimensions can provide more physiologically relevant cellular responses compared to cells cultured on flat plastic or glassware. Cell aggregation can be accomplished largely by two general methods:

  • Prevent cells from adhering to labware such that they self-aggregate into spheroids

  • Provide a three dimensional scaffold that cells can use for structure and adhere to

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