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This is the story of an innovative, science platform for sharing knowledge.  We are creating connecting conferences, pipetting education, webinars, workshops and more in the field of life science & analytical QC/development. Our ambitious and multidisciplinary team from the areas of biotechnology, microbiology, chemistry, chemical technology, biochemistry, and technical science represent the foundation of our company's success. 


As we work with leading partners and manufacturers of high technology products, we will have a unique opportunity to bring experts from abroad and share their experience with you.

We believe science has an important role in our lives.

By supporting R&D scientists we can embrace our future and change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the level of integration and collaboration in science in Slovenia, Croatia, and Southeast Europe to support young researchers in their research careers.

Our Mission

Our Vision

By organizing free educational events supported by scientific COBISS points we are committing to becoming the leading platform for communication in science.

We Can Share Knowledge Together!

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