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Join Illumina 24-hour virtual genomics event.

Join this inspiring 24-hours of cutting edge research efforts, Illumina's decades-long approach to innovation has helped our customers propel their genomic science, Introducing NextSeq 2000, COVID-19 solutions...

Genomics and global human health matter now more than ever. Discover thought-provoking sessions with genomics leaders across the world.

  • David Bentley & Jason Betley talking through our innovation history

  • Kieren & Rich covering NextSeq2000

  • Peter Fromen will animate a panel around coronavirus during which Sir Mark Caulfield (Genomics England) and Dr. Ewan Harrison (Public Health England) will discuss the UK strategy.

Take a look of the agenda for this event:

Europe, Middle East, Africa 12. maj 2020 Time (CEST) +Add to Calendar

11:00AM Welcome to Illumina Access During these unprecedented times, access to genomic science is more important than ever. Learn how Illumina helps scientists around the world further their work, and participate in Q&A before we dive into detailed programming. 11:15AM Why Genomic Innovation Matters and How It's Changing The World? In this dynamic session, we will look at how Illumina's decades-long approach to innovation has helped our customers propel their genomic science, making it more accessible and useful for all while improving human health. 12:15PM Introducing NextSeq 2000, Our Most Intuitive, Accessible Sequencer Yet With 75 new innovations, 50% cost reduction, and DRAGEN onboard, dive into what NextSeq 2000 can offer you, whatever your goals. 12:45PM The Groundbreaking Applications Supported by NextSeq 2000 From single cell, to whole exome, to shotgun metagenomics, learn how NextSeq 2000 supports the applications of the future, today. 1:15PM NextSeq 2000 Q&A Get your burning questions about NextSeq 2000 answered live. 1:30PM Genomic sequencing to understand and manage Covid-19 Join leaders in the field for a powerful discussion on how genomics and Next Generation Sequencing is helping us stop COVID-19, together. 2:30PM Future prospects for genomic medicine Join this inspiring session as we discuss cutting edge research efforts, the role Illumina innovation plays in making them possible, and what it means for the future.

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