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Pharma & Biotech Solutions


Take part in this 2-min survey and win 100€ worth of FREE products!


Kemomind strives to bring to researchers in Slovenia and in the whole Balkan area the newest technologies and trends in Life Science R&D in order to make our region a technological hub for researchers.


We need your help to understand how Transfection and Genome Editing is field moving and what is needed to take research to the next level!


If your scientific work is based in the territory of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, you have a special opportunity to win 100€ worth of Lonza products for FREE!

All participants that will fulfill the survey from 12.05 2021 to 12.06.2021 have a big chance to win.


The first 20 participants will get practical gifts from our company and partners.

To win LONZA products for free, please fill out the information below.
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