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Advances in Gas Chromatography for Challenging Separation in Environmental and Food Industry

Shaning light on rare genetic disorders

Join Illumina virtual event to find out how advances in whole genome sequencing have brought newfound insights into rare disease analysis.

Reversed Phase Method Development: Mobile Phase Selection & Selectivity Considerations

HPLC Method Development: Practical Approaches for Identifying Equivalent and Orthogonal Columns

HPLC System Optimization

Halloween Webinar Series: Trick or Treat! Sugar Analysis

In this webinar, we will discuss how sugars are analyzed, as well as common LC stationary phase and mobile phase used for this analysis.
Key Learning Points:
• Carbohydrates – Type & Structure
• Sugar Analysis – Challenges
• Sample Preparation Aspects
• Chromatographic Analysis
• Ion Chromatography

Halloween Webinar Series: Ghost Peaks & Friends (Peak Issues)

This webinar will discuss how to handle mischievous peak behaviors including the following:
- Signal to Noise Improvement
- Unknown / Ghost Peaks / Carryover Peaks
- No Peaks
- Split peaks / Peak Fronting / Double Peaks
- Peak Tailing / Broad Peaks / Flat Peaks

Dramatically Improve Dioxin Testing Productivity with a Single, Faster GC Column Solution for Environmental Samples

In this webinar, we will explore newly developed GC stationary-phases from Phenomenex that is specifically created for improved dioxin analyses. We will explore applications that demonstrates increased resolution of tetra dioxins, furans as a single column solution that lends to potential huge gain.

Reversed Phase Method Development: Mobile Phase Selection & Selectivity Considerations- EMEA

In this webinar, you'll learn about the role that solvents (aqueous, organic) and pH play on selectivity for reversed phase HPLC separations.

Analytical: Trends and innovative approaches in solving challenges in food & beverage analytics

At the conference we will present the current challenges and solutions in the field of food and beverage analysis: from sample preparation to method development and implementation of new innovative solutions. One of them is also the usage of cannabinoids in the food industry.

UHPLC Small Particle Solutions for Big Chromatography Challenges

HPLC and LC-MS Workflows to Characterize Covid Therapeutics and Vaccine Development

The landscape for Covid related therapeutics covers a wide range of applications from small molecule drugs used to alleviate symptoms through to ground-breaking novel vaccines.


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