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Enabling synthetic biology with high-quality DNA

Join us to watch an overview of how synthetic biology innovations are applying engineering principles to biological research.


Join us virtually for an exciting 2-day conference bringing together industry experts and key opinion leaders to celebrate, inspire and create the future of health. Our conference will offer participants the opportunity to learn about new applications, technologies and workflows.

KEMOMIND 2021: Single Cell Sequencing & Synthetic Biology


Vabimo vse tiste, ki bi se radi naučili več o pravilnem pipetiranju, tehnike pipetiranja, ter izvedeli kako zmanjšati pogostejše napake, ki se lahko zgodijo pri pipetiranju.

KEMOMIND 2021: Single Cell Sequencing & Synthetic Biology

Understand the workflows that will give your experiments a higher level of discovery power is key for high-impact publishing. We will present Single Cell Seq workflow and Genome editing apps by Crisper Cas and Gibson Assembly technologies.

Illumina COVIDSeq

The Illumina COVIDSeq Test is the first NGS test approved for use under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

The rhAmpSeq™ CRISPR Analysis System

An end-to-end solution for genome editing quantification

Mini-Symposium: The Evolution and Application of Brain Organoids to Study Human Disease

Organoids have rapidly transformed researchers' ability to model human tissues in vitro

Cytation C10: An Affordable Confocal Imaging Reader for your Research Laboratory (1)

The new Cytation C10 Confocal Imaging Reader combines automated digital confocal and widefield microscopy with conventional multi-mode microplate reading in a compact, modular design.

Engineering ECM Bioinks

To Biofabricate Microphysiological Systems For Disease Modeling And Precision Medicine

Oncology Drug Screening Applications

Using The I.Dot And Bio X Systems For Live Tissue Testing

Liquid vs. tissue-based NGS testing: How to choose and when to use

aking lung cancer research as a prime example, evaluate the evidence of incorporating the use of NGS in the workup and management of clinical data, and how to choose between liquid- and tissue-based platforms.