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Analytical: Trends and innovative approaches in solving challenges in food & beverage analytics

At the conference we will present the current challenges and solutions in the field of food and beverage analysis: from sample preparation to method development and implementation of new innovative solutions. One of them is also the usage of cannabinoids in the food industry.

UHPLC Small Particle Solutions for Big Chromatography Challenges

HPLC and LC-MS Workflows to Characterize Covid Therapeutics and Vaccine Development

The landscape for Covid related therapeutics covers a wide range of applications from small molecule drugs used to alleviate symptoms through to ground-breaking novel vaccines.

Phenomenex solutions for sugar and organic acid analysis part 1

Strategies for Improving Resolution in Chromatography

This presentation will look at some of the solutions to modern day chromatographic challenges for polar compounds.

Troubleshooting SPE

What to do when things go wrong? In this webinar we will look at some of the diagnostic skills needed to determine the root cause of the problem with your method.

HPLC Mobile Phase Optimisation

What mobile phase you use in an LC method is just as important for altering the selectivity of your method, and therefore achieving the required resolution between your peaks of interest.

Illumina Experience 2020

See how our new and upcoming library prep kits will allow you to explore new science across a variety of current and emerging applications, whether it’s bulk RNA-Seq, whole genome sequencing or exome sequencing.

Sample Preparation: Liquid/Liquid Extraction, Supported Liquid Extraction, Protein Precipitation and Phospholipid Deplet

There are a variety of different techniques to clean up biological samples for LC analysis, ranging from non-specific such as protein precipitation, to the very specific such as solid-phase extraction.

The Basics of Solid Phase Extraction

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a highly selective sample preparation technique that can be used to separate the analytes of interest from your matrix so they can be more readily analysed, and don’t cause problems with HPLC and GC column lifetime due to dirty samples.

Chromatographic Considerations for Native and Denaturing ESI for Large Molecule Characterization

Intact mass is a common workflow for the analysis of large molecules by high-resolution MS. It can be useful for the identification of primary sequence, as well as the characterization of different isoforms. Intact mass can be divided into two different approaches.

HPLC Column Care

Column lifetime can be dramatically reduced by poor chromatographic hygiene. This webinar explains how to ensure that you are maximising the lifetime of your column, as well as simple things to look out for during column installation in order to obtain optimal efficiency for your separations.

HILIC – A Systematic Approach

Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) is a technique that is often not well understood, and as a result, can often be difficult to implement for robust, reproducible methods.

Perceptive insight into Illumina’s DRAGEN secondary data analysis solution - Seminar - 27th May’

Please join us for an Illumina NGS technologies discussion focusing on the Illumina® DRAGEN™ Bio-IT Platform-The Next Generation of Software and Informatics at Illumina.

Join Illumina's 24-hour virtual genomics event.

Tomorrow 12th of May 2020, we are inviting you to become a part of the first virtual genomic event. Join this inspiring 24-hours of cutting edge research efforts, Introducing NextSeq 2000 and COVID-19 solutions.

Role of Column Morphology, and Bonded Phase in Reversed-Phase Selectivity

Who should attend:
• Anyone involved in HPLC who would like a greater understanding of available column particles and stationary phases
• Reverse-phase HPLC method developers

Chiral HPLC Introduction – Method Development and Applications

Who should attend:
• Anyone who does not have any background of chiral chromatography but wants to improve their knowledge
• Anyone who may occasionally be involved in chiral chromatography, and would like to learn how to do column screening themselves
• Chiral HPLC method developers

Troubleshooting Gas Chromatography

This webinar is ideal for:
• Scientists - new to Gas Chromatography.
• Chromatographers with experience of running GC methods, but looking to develop new methods.

GC Method Development Basics

This webinar is ideal for:
• Scientists new to Gas Chromatography.
• Chromatographers with experience of running GC methods, but looking to develop new methods.

Your "Favourite C18" is not a method development toolkit

Most HPLC methods use a C18 column, but with selectivity being the most important factor in improving resolution between critical peaks, a C18 is often not the best choice available.


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